.:: DEV DIARY #001 ::.

Hey Everyone. 

One of our awesome supporters mentioned to us earlier that it may be a good idea to add more updates on here regarding the development of CyberpunkXXX not only to keep everyone updated and informed about the game but also to illustrate to our supporters that this is a serious project that will be finished and wont be abandoned at the drop of a hat like so many other games have done recently.

Now, we cant promise that we’ll do an 10,000 word essay everyday with in-depth details about every aspect of game development but we will endeavour to take this opportunity to show you all how things are going, updates on character/story development and even as way to get critical feedback regarding the direction of the game.

So with that being said. Welcome to Dev Diary number one!

As we mentioned previously when we dropped the Demo Build 0.2 we mentioned that we had been spending time migrating the game from Unreal 4.27 to unreal 5.1. Weirdly enough, we didn’t have too much trouble migrating over assets, blueprints, sounds etc so we were super excited to start exploring the new features 5.1 offers such a Lumen (amazing lighting) and Nanite (amazing too) but we did run into one HUGE problem. The performance absolutely sucked. The framerate incredibly dropped by almost half and the whole gaming experience just felt sluggish and choppy.

Now its widely known that 5.1 takes more guts to run the editor but the use of Nanite and other optimization tools as well as other benefits makes this all worthwhile in the end and using 5.1 opens up way more possibilities going forward, but…you’ve just got to make the game run more efficiently such as reducing the numbers of materials/textures, culling etc. We also realised that our ancient 1070Ti just wont cut it anymore!. We will keep one of the PC’s with the 1070Ti cards as if we can get the game to look great and run smoothly using that card then more people can play the game. its as simple as that.

So that’s a large part of what’s been taking up our time. Testing different settings, testing different models, combining textures, experimenting with culling distances and a whole lot of other tasks that show very little to the player but will make a big difference to the users experience in the long run. We have also been working a lot on the overall game design document.

We had a rough outline of the story, gameplay loops and various mechanics we wanted implemented when we first started this game over a year ago but as development has progressed its getting to the point where we now know our skills and limitations and so, can build a game that wont suffer from overambition and wont get bogged down with mechanics that will suck up development time with only a minor benefit to the player. We have been fleshing the story out a lot more which has now given us a clear direction on how the missions/quests will be implemented in the game world and also how the characters will be placed within the story.

Hopefully, within the next few months we will be able to show more worldbuilding within the builds as well as more characters including an additional playable female, more sexual content, more vehicles, more environment interaction as well as time permitting, a monetary system, inventory and finally…objectives. That’s the roadmap for 2023 in a nutshell so look out for all that. Ok, that’s a wrap for the first Dev Diary but as usual, If you have any thoughts, suggestions and feedback please use the Discord channels, we would love for you to get involved.

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