.:: DEV DIARY #004 ::.

Hey Everyone,

As you probably know by now we have just dropped CyberpunkXXX Development Build version 0.3. We were really keen to do a dev blog right away to give you all some insight into events that have been going on over the last few weeks and to highlight certain features in the build that might need further explanation.

If you’ve played the played the Development Build 0.3 then you will have noticed by now that the game starts with the main character unarmed, having just arrived at the Eros main station. We implemented the very first mission just to not only get the game going in some sort of narrative direction but also to test and make sure the actual mission and dialogue mechanics work within our framework.

Now that we have reached this point we can really begin to flesh out the story and start implementing unique missions that could include anything from the normal fetch quests to sexually motivated encounters and everything in between. This is also a good time to bring more unique NPC’s to the game world including various members of the shadowy resistance organisation “The Rebel Element” and influential Enborg controllers who run various parts of the district in legal and illegal ways.

We also finally implemented the climbing, ladder climbing, vaulting and cover mechanics. This will make the game world a lot more interactable during shoot outs and should help when used in combination with the stealth takedown manoeuvres. It will also enable us to make the world a lot more interesting vertically. No more being tied down to just street level or being forced to only use building entrances and exits. The player will have much more scope to explore buildings, facilities and complete missions using unorthodox methods.

With that being said. At this moment in time not every part of the district has these cover/vault/climb mechanics utilised. At the last count there are over 17,000 objects in the game world and adding the trigger points to a large percentage of these, which are needed to activate the actions is gonna be a long process over the next month or so but when its done it will be so worth it.

Finally, after 15 months of developing CyberpunkXXX the huge realization that indie game dev is financially almost impossible full time is really starting to hit home. We knew it would be a long difficult process that would require a huge amount of sacrifice both financially and time wise but with the way the world is now with the ever increasing cost of living, we are facing some huge challenges. This has been compounded by the news that over the last couple of weeks we have lost nearly half our Patreon subscribers. As you can imagine this is deeply concerning. Not for the fact that we have lost subscribers but why they unsubscribed. We cant emphasise enough to the community that we want your feedback. We want to make the best game possible while in the mean time offer new regular content, more picture and vid sets and detailed dev blogs.

To finish on a positive note. In spite of all the difficulties we face we are 100% committed to this game and to the people that have put faith in us by subscribing. Your support means a huge amount to us and is the motivation that keeps us going at 3.00am when that collision mechanic you’ve been working on for 3 days just wont f#&king work lol.

The CyberpunkXXX Crew

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