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Hey Folks,

Due to the fact we haven’t made much new content for the game over since the last build was dropped a week ago (we’ve mainly been working on lighting and optimization) I thought I’d share a Twitter thread I made regarding our experiences as adult game devs over the last 15 months.

  • The adult gaming world exists on a totally separate plane of existence compared to “normal” games. The word niche was probably invented for adult games. If you are developing an adult game, remember no matter how good it is, it will probably never have mainstream success.
  • Forget gaming journalists ever showing an interest. This is probably understandable as most media outlets depend on advertising and advertisers do not like adult content. You will have to find places where adult content is celebrated.
  • Most gamers will presume your game is shit. The last few years the adult gaming world has suffered from some absolutely awful titles both graphically and gameplay wise. Things are improving each day with so many moving over to Unreal but it will be hard to shake the stigma.
  • Trying to make a gameplay trailer that illustrate the XXX nature of the game without breaking Youtubes, Instagram, Tik Toks etc TOS’s. We literally had the initial trailer pulled because one of the characters was in a bikini. Yes really ????‍
  • The adult gaming world has some really “Spicy” titles. Delving into this sphere of gaming has opened our eyes to what some people are playing and to tastes that we didn’t even know existed. Not for game devs that are easily offended for sure!.
  • You will be making a lot of the characters and animations yourself. You wont find sex animations and naked characters on the Unreal store (that we know of) so be prepared to find a way to make your own. You CAN buy them elsewhere but usually they need a lot of work.
  • Your game will probably NEVER be available on the PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox or mobile stores. Steam, GOG, Itch, spicygaming etc are all cool though.
  • Advertising is really hard unless you explicitly advertise on adult sites or places that don’t mind adult ads. You can advertise on normal outlets but be prepared to be heavily censored and your limit reached making it pretty pointless tbh.
  • Gameplay mechanics are really tricky to implement. Standards such as shooting, moving etc are fine but the sexual element really requires a lot of thought in how its implemented within the game context, without being silly or just plain ridiculous.
  • You will 100% get comments asking if you made the game one handed.

Well that’s it. All the above is anecdotal from our own experiences so far. If you have solved any of the issues raised above or have any tips on how to overcome the hurdles we have faced, we’d love to hear feedback on how to deal with them. It’s a learning journey for us all.

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