.:: DEV DIARY #006 ::.

Hey Folks,

Welcome to another dev diary. We have a new demo update coming out tomorrow and we can happily say this will be the very last demo update we do. When we released the demo originally we wanted to give potential customers a taste of what the game would be about. We also wanted to show the game world and characters within it plus the sort of mechanics and X-rated content people would expect when they play the game. 

As time as gone on we wanted to add more and more to the demo especially when we introduced new mechanics, locations and features but its got to the point where we think any potential customer should have a fairly good idea by now of what the game is all about. The game isn’t going to dramatically change from here on in other than additional missions, characters and graphical polish throughout. We obviously intend to add a lot more spicy content as we move forward and we ask YOU patrons to get involved and give us valuable feedback as to where we are going right and going wrong during the development.

Now with regards to the latest demo update with have not introduced a huge amount as we want to save content for the game builds that will be available over the next few weeks but we where keen to add a drivable vehicle and some more missions just to give you an even bigger taste of what the game entails. We do plan on adding more vehicles during the game build phase but we think the sports car will do for now to get you around the Eros district.

Once we start releasing the actual game builds in a few weeks time we will be making the demo free to download as we really want to broaden the reach of the game throughout the gaming community and possibly show that adult games are more than just naked people and a sex mechanic, we also want to make the game playable and fun even when not engaged in the spicy stuff. Have we succeeded? I think the forthcoming game builds should hopefully prove that we have although ultimately this will be in the hands of the players.

Before I sign off I just want to mention that we have also been working on the CyberpunkXXX graphic novel. Now we had planned to release the first chapter a little while back but we wanted to work out the narrative direction we where going in as well as making sure the plot and characters matched up to the actual game itself. Obviously as the game developed we realised we would have to change certain aspects of the graphic novel because we changed certain aspects of the game so we have decided to wait until the game is a lot further down the development road before we go full on with the graphic novel.

We do plan on releasing it as a pdf to supporters and VIP supporters and produce an actual physical copy for Elite, Producers and In The Game subscribers. We’ll keep you posted with any developments on this. OK, that’s all we have to say for this dev diary.

As usual, if you have any feedback, questions or bug reports please use the relevant channels on our Discord or message us on here.

The CyberpunkXXX Crew

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