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CyberpunkXXX is an 18+ X-Rated action adventure PC game, featuring adult sexual content, explosive futuristic fighting and a Cyberpunk themed open world set in the distant future.

CyberpunkXXX is a labour of love for three game developers from Sweden, Ireland and the UK who operate remotely under the name GAMERFLEX Studios.

There will be a lot of 18+ NSFW content in the game, there will also be lots of shooting, lots of exploring, lots of stealth, lots of vehicles, and lots of other things too. I think no matter what genre of game you are working on it essentially has to be playable and more importantly fun. This is 100% our main driving force. A game filled with nothing but sex would get boring very quickly. We are working really hard on making the game as interesting as possible. If sex isn’t your thing, then you can avoid the sex areas of the city and play the game in your own way. We wanted this game to offer at least some quality gameplay for most users regardless of their expectations.

You can support us on Patreon right now. These supporters will get the game as we continually develop it. We hope to release an updated version once every month. We can then gauge whether certain features and mechanics work or not. When the game is fully finished, we will be releasing it fully on Steam, Epic store etc. In the mean time you can wishlist it on Steam here.

We think it’s probably the most important question any game dev should ask themselves at the beginning of any development cycle and continue to ask themselves this question every day. From our own perspective, i can ask, why shouldn’t you buy this game. Well, if you don’t like games with sex, drugs, profanity, and violence then avoid it.

If you are under 18 then definitely avoid it. For everyone else, i can promise you that at worst you’ll find an interesting shooter set in a beautiful sleazy futuristic society with a whole variety of missions, enemies, vehicles, and areas to explore and interact with. It will be a classic old-school single-player story-driven experience with no loot boxes, no pay-to-win mechanics, no online market places and any other modern-day monetization practices that seem to be plaguing the industry.

Yes, we have built the first complete district in the game with a few interior locations to explore, several vehicles to drive and a load of enemies to blast. This will give you a good indication of where we are right now in the development cycle plus give you an idea of the art style and gameplay. If its your thing and you enjoy it please think about supporting us on Patreon to see further development. You can download it here: https://www.patreon.com/cyberpunkxrated or https://gamerflex.itch.io/cyberpunkxxx (This demo is for STRICTLY 18+ only)

We created this exclusive channel to reward the first 100 people who supported us on Patreon. We know it’s so hard to put your faith into an unknown games company and we want to repay that trust but giving you extra benefits for believing in us. These will be included on top of your Patreon benefits: – Bonus game content – Bonus picture and video sets – Behind the scenes game dev footage – Invitation to CyberpunkXXX events – And more when we can think of them!

As much as we have tried to eliminate all the bugs and weird glitches that can make themselves present during gameplay there will be occasions when we have missed them. This game is in a very early state at the moment so we need YOU the user to let us know of any bugs you find and more importantly what features and gameplay elements would you like removed/added. This is a truly community game and we want your input into it.

Yes 100%. We cant think of anything cooler than seeing this game run on the Steamdeck tbh.

Not at the moment.

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